Services and Billing Rates

Homeowner Lien & Judgment Search: Complimentary Service

  • Use this report to confirm there are no outstanding liens or judgments against either homeowner that could be attached to the house after the divorce

  • County Tax Liens

  • State Tax Liens

  • Federal Tax Liens

  • Judgments

  • Child Support Liens

  • Undisclosed Home Equity Lines of Credit 

Free Home Refinance Consultation with CDLP: Complimentary Service

  • Have a Certified Divorce Lending Professional confirm that the house can be successfully refinanced so one of the parties can do an equity buyout of the other party

Full Fair Market Valuation: $350.00 per property

  • For property division settlement purposes

  • Comprehensive court ready report

  • Includes an on-site property condition review to generate a specific Fair Market Value for the subject property, with a detailed report that explains how the FMV was determined, including comparables, subject property photographs and a subject property condition report

  • Includes everything covered in a Property Run Down Report as well

Desktop report: $150.00 per property

  • Includes an educated estimation of the Fair Market Value of a property

  • Does not include a visit to the property or property condition report

  • Used for simple estimating purposes

  • Includes everything covered in a Property Run Down Report as well


Expert Witness Testimony: $300.00 per hour

Sale of Residential Property: Listing Agent Commissions negotiated on a case by case basis