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Luxury Lease-Up

Exceeding Expectations, One Community at a Time

As an owner-developer, you have the freedom to shift your project from sales to leasing. Maybe the plan is to buy and hold the property, or you/financial partners prefer to test a hypothesis through a leasing opportunity. Either route you choose to take, our team will take your site from pre-marketing stages to a fully-recognizable community. Before you know it, your property will be ready to hand over to a property management team, with a red bow atop fully-leased success.


It's all about the process

Just the beginning of what we have to offer

  • Comprehensive lease-up program for developers

  • Hand-held attention from pre-leasing to full occupancy

  • Proven lease-up marketing program 

  • The leasing team: strong closers

10 Ways TPG Excels at Leasing Up a New Community


1  | TPG Knows that Pre-Leasing is Key

The most important phase of a new-construction community lease-up is the pre-leasing. The benefit to the resident is first pick of the units—and often a better price. The benefit to the developer is immediate occupancy upon completion of the development. TPG begins these efforts by grabbing the attention of prospects through signage at the construction site or via a soft advertising campaign that directs them to a webpage where we capture their information and begin our prospect list. Then, roughly 90 days before expected occupancy, TPG begins a full campaign for the community and reaches out to our ready-made list.


2  | We create a Sense of Urgency

When there is an entire building available, prospective resident may feel like they can take their time because there are plenty of available units. TPG utilizes special incentives or offers exclusive options to build a sense of urgency among our prospects. Another way we encourage them to take action is to have a visual layout of the community where we highlight what has been reserved.


3  | TPG Knows the Competition

We take the time to tour other comparable properties in the area. We know what they’re offering in terms of pricing, floor plans, amenities and services, and use that to differentiate your community.


4  | We set Monthly Goals

Just as your construction team will have monthly goals to meet, so does the TPG leasing team. When developing these goals, we balance pricing expectations with the velocity—or the pace at which units should be leased.


5  | We are Flexible

The market changes quickly—our marketing plans do, too. Be prepared to offer different lease terms or adjust price points to allow the TPG team close the deal.


6  | We utilize Superior Renderings

It can be difficult for people to envision what the community will look like once it’s completed, which could keep them from committing to a lease. We work with the architect to produce and display detailed renderings which help sell the value of the property.


7  | TPG Enlists the Media

We share community updates such as construction progress, timing for first move-ins and more with local reporters. Well-placed articles create buzz for your new community.


8  | TPG leans on Social Media

Utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a great way the TPG team shares images and property updates, shows off the personality of your community and connects with prospects.


9  | We Offer Hard-Hat Tours

Once we get the OK from the construction team, we offer a “sneak peek” to prospects and the media as a way to drum up interest—and leasing activity.


10 | Plan a Grand-Opening

When the community is ready, we make a big splash with a grand opening party. These events are a great way for the TPG team to show off the units, amenities and overall lifestyle available. It’s also a nice way to say “Thank you” to your current residents and reignite interest among prospects.

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